Fairhope Mayor Karin Wilson blasts Casi Callaway of Mobile Baykeeper for “divisive propaganda”

Photo via Mayor's facebook

Mayor Karin Wilson of Fairhope has had enough with the misinformation campaigns and baseless allegations being made against her and her administration. Rather than sitting idly by, she and her office are on a mission to set the record straight, in several cases going straight to the source. 

In a letter written to Casi Callaway of Mobile Baykeeper and copied to their board, August 7, 2019, she wrote, “I can no longer, as Mayor, sit back and allow the City’s reputation to suffer while Mobile Baykeeper continues to share sensationalized “news” releases without transparent facts.” 

She went on to say, “I have read Baykeeper’s mission featured on the website and do not see how divisive propaganda and the constant finger-pointing is effective? Why doesn’t Baykeeper hold itself to the same accountability as it does everyone else?

The City of Fairhope is doing more than ever to improve our water quality and protect our environmentally sensitive watersheds. We are taking responsibility for our role in upgrading our entire sewer system and so much more as you know. Why Baykeeper refuses to share this important information (and even take credit for it!) has become a source of great concern for the City I love. I sincerely hope you will read this entire timeline with links starting with the first day of this term. I spent a great deal of time putting this together to demonstrates the persistent focus of my administration to finally address the long-term neglect of an inherited Utility.”

On her Facebook Page, Mayor Wilson posted copies of hate mail she’d received along with the link she provided Callaway guiding people to a detailed timeline her office created to show the mayors efforts and the strides that have been made. 

Read the full facebook post below and letter here (as originally reported by The Ripp Report) and follow the link to the timeline here

The open letter to Callaway underscores frustration from a number of sources over Baykeeper’s role along the coast and what many consider Callaway’s grandstanding and maybe even political ambitions in Mobile. 
The Baldwin County blog who first reported the letter written by Wilson, the Ripp Report, only fanned the flames, writing an editorial that stated in part, “Mayor Wilson has done more in Fairhope than Casi has in the entire bay, don’t throw stones in a glass house Casi.”
“P.S.,” the report added. “The Ripp Report heard Casi may run for Mayor of Mobile so look for more fundraisers soon.”