Kay Ivey apologizes for participating in blackface skit over fifty years ago

Kay Ivey headshot

Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey is apologizing after a radio interview described her wearing blackface during a college skit in the 1960s.

Ivey issued a statement and released a video apology Thursday saying that she does not remember the sketch or ever wearing blackface but wanted to “offer my heartfelt apologies for the pain and embarrassment this causes.”

Ivey issued the apology and released the 1967 recording of an Auburn University college radio interview her then-fiance Ben LaRavia gave describing the skit. Ivey at the time was SGA vice-president.

He describes her wearing “black paint all over her face” in a skit at the Baptist Student Union party. The skit was called “Cigar Butts.” LaRavia explained that “the skit didn’t require a lot of talent” those in it mainly crawled around the floor. 

Ivey said Thursday that she did not remember the skit, but “will not deny what is the obvious.”

Ivey said “that is not who I am today.”

Content by Associated Press’s Kim Chandler in included in this story.