Scott Beason and Michael Hart revive conservative talk radio 92.5 WYDE


Two of Alabama’s favorite conservative talk radio hosts are back on-air! Scott Beason & Michael Hart have revived 92.5 WYDE and 1260 AM. They’ve been on-air since Jan. 6.

You can tune in from the Birmingham, AL area or you can listen live anywhere in the world.

Scott Beason previously hosted his own show for a year; he replaced Cliff Sims on what used to be the Yellow Hammer radio network. He’s a former member of the Alabama Senate, representing the 17th District from 2006 to 2014. You can follow him on his Facebook page where he live streams each of his shows. He’s on-air 9am-12pm. 

Hart’s show air’s 7am-9am. According to Michael Hart’s website, “The Michael Hart Show is lively, fast-paced and often in your face. Each weekday Michael not only delivers the news of the day in his often brash and hard-hitting and sometimes confrontational style but does so with a blend of history. 

Michael firmly believes that it’s difficult to understand the happenings in our world today without a keen grasp of history.

Many of today’s events have roots dating back years, sometimes decades and even centuries. Unlike other talk shows that go a mile wide and an inch deep, Michael Hart takes the hottest issues and stories of the day and not only explains what is happening but why and what is likely to happen next, by going a mile deep. 

A masterful interviewer, Michael gets to the truth by speaking with the biggest news makers, experts, pundits, and politicians to make certain you always know not only what is going on, but why!

Of course, Michael likes to have a little fun too, so you never quite know who will be popping by…

…which means you’ll never want to miss a single minute of The Michael Hart Show”.