Presidential primary brief: 526 days until Election Day

Presidential Primary Brief

Welcome to a new Monday presidential primary brief provided by Alabama Today. Every week you can find your latest headlines on the presidential primary races as we count down the days until Election Day.

273 days until AL Presidential Primary

526 days until Election Day

Convention Dates: Republican July 18-21 2016, Democratic July 25-28 2016

Weekly Headlines:

31 May 2015_GOP Primary Polls

31 May 2015_ Dem Primary Polls

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Press Clips:

Pro-­‐Rand Paul group gets ready to rumble with anti-­‐NSA ad (Politico 5/29/15)

A super PAC supporting Sen. Rand Paul (R-­‐Ky.) for president has released an ad that treats Sunday’s legislative battle over the Patriot Act more like a monster-­‐truck rally or a Wrestle-mania tournament. “Get ready America,” the voiceover in the video says as a bald eagle breathes Gire, a bomb explodes and lightning strikes, “for the biggest brawl for liberty of the century.”

Nate Silver: What to watch for in 2016 election (Detroit Free Press 5/29/15)

Here are several lessons for the 2016 presidential elections from prognosticator Nate Silver, founder of the phenomenally accurate He spoke Thursday at the Mackinac Policy Conference. The nomination of Democrat Hillary Clinton is inevitable, but the general election will be a toss-­‐up. Democrats have a weak bench and Republicans have a Give-­‐ring circus of overlapping candidates between moderate, establishment, Christian conservative, tea party and Libertarian. “It’s a real tight for space.” New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is definitely in trouble and former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush is possibly in trouble. “Its very difficult to win the primary when most of the voters don’t like you,” Silver said of Christie.

Ben Carson wins Southern Republican straw poll ahead of 2016 presidential election (Christian Today 5/29/15)

Doctor-­‐turned-­‐politician Ben Carson easily won the Southern Republican Leadership Conference straw poll held in Oklahoma on Saturday in the first major survey on the popularity of at least 17 declared or prospective candidates for the Republican Party’s nomination for the November 2016 election. Carson, a popular social conservative who is a Gierce opponent of Obamacare, won 25.4 percent of the vote. Also getting considerable shares of the vote were Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker and Texas Sen. Ted Cruz who received 20.5 percent and 16.6 percent of the vote, respectively.

Sanders wants to debate Republicans (Politico 5/31/15)

Bernie Sanders on Sunday called for a more robust debate schedule beginning this summer. The Vermont senator, challenging front-­‐runner Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nomination, also proposed on NBC’s “Meet the Press” some debates with Republican White House hopefuls. “We need a lot more debates in this campaign,” Sanders said. “I hope very much that we can begin with the Democratic candidate debates as early as July and have some Republicans in those debates as well.”

Ohio Gov. Kasich looks to announce 2016 presidential bid this summer (WaPo 5/27/15)

Ohio Gov. John Kasich, who has been actively gauging reactions to a possible campaign for president in 2016, is now moving rapidly to assemble the staff and financial resources for such a bid and is looking to declare his candidacy sometime after June 30, according to knowledgeable Republicans. The two-­‐term governor and former House member is running through a checklist before formally entering the race, but strategists close to Kasich and other longtime friends say there is no doubt that he will soon join the crowded Gield of those vying for the GOP nomination.

Marco Rubio won’t compete in Iowa Straw Poll (Politico 5/30/15)

Sen. Marco Rubio will not participate in the Iowa Straw Poll, his campaign team confirmed Saturday. The Florida senator and 2016 hopeful’s decision marks the latest blow to the August event long considered a staple on the Republican road to the presidential nomination. Jeb Bush, Sen. Lindsey Graham and Mike Huckabee have all said they won’t participate this cycle. Many, including Gov. Scott Walker and Sens. Rand Paul and Ted Cruz have yet to signal whether they will attend.

What impact will frustrated veterans have on 2016 election? (Haaretz 5/25/15)

Memorial Day in America moves me to predict that one of the stories to watch is the growing bitterness of the veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan. The Associated Press had a piece of this story over the weekend, when it reported that GIs or ex-­‐GIs who fought in Iraq “have been watching in frustration” as “Republican presidential contenders distance themselves from the decision their party enthusiastically supported to invade that country.”

O’Malley’s long-­‐shot bid gets complicated start (Politico 5/30/15)

Martin O’Malley’s presidential bid has always been a long-­‐shot, but the odds looked even longer Saturday as he officially kicked off his campaign from Federal Hill Park.

The run-­‐up to his launch here could hardly have been worse, complicated in recent weeks by unrest in the city where he served as mayor and the unexpected early momentum of another Hillary Clinton challenger: Bernie Sanders. At one time, O’Malley figured to be Clinton’s default rival for the Democratic nomination. He won two terms as governor of Maryland, winning by wide margins, and honed his national fundraising chops as chairman of the Democratic Governors Association.

Bernie Sanders facing ‘uphill battle’ in Iowa (USA Today 5/29/15)

Sen. Bernie Sanders, (I-VT), began his first visit to Iowa since announcing his run in the Democratic presidential primary with a standing-­‐room-­‐only crowd in the eastern city of Davenport. The Thursday night turnout was more than even the organizers expected. Kevin Perkins, a Davenport resident and planner of the event, said that the auditorium at St.

Ambrose University had been set up to seat 300 people. As people poured in, Perkins and other organizers opened up an adjacent room. Perkins estimated that 750 people showed up in total.


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