Prayers for Ronda Walker

Photo Credit: Ronda Walker blog "Merry Christmas Cancer"

Today we ask you to join us in keeping Montgomery County Commissioner Ronda Walker in your prayers as she recovers from a mastectomy she had Friday as part of the process to treat breast cancer. If you’ve been reading Alabama Today since it April 14 launch you’ve seen posts from Ronda, who has penned a few guest editorials for the site including in which she discussed her cancer diagnosis.

Ronda was one of the first people I met when I moved to Alabama 2 1/2 years ago.  She was working for U.S. Rep. Martha Roby at the time. My first impression was that she was a friendly, hardworking and kind woman. While she’s certainly all of those things I’ve come to learn there’s so much more to her, attributes that are a great example for not just women but all of us.

What I’ve learned about Ronda since our initial introduction is that she is also brave, strong, loyal and funny. If you can be funny while facing cancer you can be funny anytime. I’ve cried while cracking smiles at the blogs and social media posts she’s written documenting her treatment, her transition into a wig (or wigs) and her treatments.

Motherhood is hard. Yet Ronda has shown that even in times of great stress and chaos one can be an amazingly supportive and loving mother a bright example to women/mothers everywhere.

In her blog “Merry Christmas Cancer” (aptly named with the terrible timing of her breast cancer diagnosis) she explains her diagnosis and treatment. I encourage you to follow her journey and lift not just her but also her family and loved ones up in prayer.  We love you Ronda!

If you’ve missed her previous post here you can find them again here: We launched our site with this post from her discussing her diagnosis and support she’d received: Ronda M. Walker: Honoring womanhood, politics with strength, compassion. Since then she’s written guest columns on the National Day of Prayer and the 908 Airlift wing and Maxwell Airforce base.


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