Presidential primary brief: 526 days until Election Day

Presidential Primary Brief

Welcome to the Monday presidential primary brief provided by Alabama Today. Every week you can find your latest headlines on the presidential primary races as we count down the days until Election Day.

266 days until AL Presidential Primary

519 days until Election Day

Convention Dates: Republican July 18-21, 2016, Democratic July 25-28, 2016

Weekly Headlines:

GOP Primary Polls_8 June 2015

Dem Primary Polls_8 June 2015

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Press Clips: 

On Scott Walker’s performance in Iowa: ‘Unless he really screws up, he should win’ (Business Insider 6/7/15)

 Scott Walker, a likely Republican presidential contender who is riding high in polls in the early voting state of Iowa, was literally the leader of the pack on Saturday at a gathering of 2016 White House hopefuls. Walker, the governor of neighboring Wisconsin, joined U.S. Senator Joni Ernst at the head of a parade of about 300 motorcycle riders who traveled 39 miles (62 km)to Ernst’s inaugural “Roast and Ride,” a political event combining barbecue and the roar of Harley-­‐Davidsons.

Christie calls Clinton’s voter law critique ‘ridiculous’ (Politico 6/7/15)

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie says Hillary Clinton’s attack on state voter identification and registration laws is “ridiculous.” “She doesn’t know what she’s talking about,” the Republican governor and likely presidential candidate said in an interview aired Sunday for CBS’s “Face the Nation,” noting his state has early voting.

U.S. authorities unlikely to stop 2016 election fundraising free-­‐for-­‐all (Reuters 6/4/15

White House hopefuls raking in record amounts of money in the 2016 U.S. presidential race are already being accused by watchdog groups of breaking campaign fundraising laws. But the U.S. Department of Justice is unlikely to prosecute possible violations and halt the funding free-for­‐all, say current and former department officials. With deadlock in the campaign finance regulator, the Federal Election Commission, watchdog groups are calling on the Justice Department to investigate contenders such as Republican Jeb Bush, who they say has conducted a charade of “non-candidacy” to skirt federal election fundraising laws.

Bush’s campaign said on Thursday he would announce his White House bid on June 15.

Louisiana Gov. Jindal to make announcement on 2016 presidential election on June 24 (Bayou Buzz 6/3/15) 

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, a possible GOP presidential candidate, will make a “major announcement” on the 2016 race on June 24 in New Orleans. That’s according to Jindal’s chief political adviser, Timmy Teepell. Jindal had announced a campaign exploratory committee on May 18. If Jindal decides to run, he’d join a crowded Republican primary that already includes nine major candidates, with more expected to join the fray.

Bernie Sanders 2016: Young Americans Say They Support Socialism, But Do They Know What It Is? (International Business Times 6/4/15) 

Trey Rittersbach doesn’t know Bernie Sanders, but he knows what socialism is – kind of. “It’s redistributing the wealth,” the 19-­year-­old New York University sophomore said Thursday from a bench in Washington Square Park, then paused to reconsider. “I guess that might be more Communism.” Rittersbach, a Ralph Nader fan with Republican leanings, tried again: “It’s acting to benefit the greater good over personal gain. Capitalism is more personal gain over the greater good.”

Christie’s last question on 2016: “Do I want to do it?” (KTYX CBS 19 6/7/15) 

For Chris Christie, the final question on a potential 2016 bid is: “Do I want to do it?” The New Jersey governor has said he’ll decide whether to join the already-­crowded field of candidates vying for the Republican nomination this month as New Jersey wraps up its legislative session. But he’s still weighing what is in his heart. “I go through all the different factors that I need to consider. And when I’m done, I check that off and I move to the next factor. And the factor I’m down to now, John, is do I want to do it? Do I want to do it? In my heart, is this something that I really, absolutely want to do?” he told “Face the Nation” host John Dickerson.

Draft Warren groups suspending operations (The Hill 6/2/15)

Run Warren Run, an organized, long-­‐shot effort to encourage Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) to run for president, will close its doors next week as their hero continues to unequivocally decline those calls. The campaign by Democracy for America and Political Action will suspend operations Monday after delivering a petition to Warren with 365,000 signatures asking her to run. But the gesture isn’t likely to change the Massachusetts Democrat’s mind, as she’s been resolute in statements rejecting a possible bid. As many progressive Democrats worried about Democratic front­‐runner Hillary Clinton’s liberal chops, they coalesced around Warren as their ideal choice. In its six months, Run Warren Run launched feld of\ices in both Iowa and New Hampshire, and held hundreds of rallies to support its effort.


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