Presidential TV ad roundup: June 16 edition

Jeb Bush: 
  • Title: Making a difference
  • Published: June 14
  • Tone: Heartfelt on record as governor

Rick Perry:

  • Title: Hilary goes to the movies
  • Published: June 14
  • Tone: Negative ad on Hillary Clinton
  • Title: Where I came from
  • Published: June 8
  • Tone: Positive; Reflecting on roots and record

  • Title: Iowa
  • Published: June 8
  • Tone: Focused on Iowa voters

Rand Paul:

  • Title: Standing Strong
  • Published: June 1
  • Tone: Positive with donate request

  • Title: Not going to take it
  • Published: June 4
  • Tone: Passionate floor remarks

Marco Rubio:

  • Title: Yesterday is still over
  • Published: June 13
  • Tone: Split, opens with Hillary then goes to positive message about future

Hillary Rodham Clinton:

  • Title: Fighter
  • Published: June 12
  • Tone: Positive on background (5 minutes long)



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