New York Jets owner Woody Johnson tapped as Jeb Bush campaign finance chair


Jeb Bush tapped two major Republican fundraisers to lead his national finance team: billionaire New York Jets owner Woody Johnson as chairman, with Jack Oliver as co-chairman.

Johnson has been spending much time helping out the former Florida governor in the lead up to his presidential campaign, reports the Miami Herald, such as lending his private jet for Bush’s recent European trip. Johnson also appeared with Bush Tuesday at a Greenwich, Conn., fundraiser. The Wall Street Journal first broke the news of Johnson’s selection as chair.

Bush will spend the second week of his official presidential campaign on the road, with fundraising trips to Miami, Tampa, Jacksonville, Orlando, New York, Chicago, Houston, Dallas and Tulsa, Okla.

In a prepared statement to reporters, Bush spokeswoman Sally Bradshaw pointed to Johnson’s “longstanding commitment to public service and strong track record of working with people of different backgrounds to accomplish big goals represent the values and priorities of Jeb’s campaign.”

“Under the leadership of Woody, Jack Oliver, Heather Larrison and so many others,” Bradshaw said, “I’m confident Jeb will have the resources needed to share his message of expanding economic opportunity for all Americans to voters across the nation.”

Johnson responded to his new role, calling Bush “a bold and thoughtful leader with the vision and experience to ensure our nation’s greatest days remain ahead.

“As governor, he was able to unite Floridians around the shared goals of opportunity, growth, prosperity and freedom, achieving tremendous results for his state.”


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