Here’s a quick look at proposals as governor says, “I have taxes to raise”

Alabama State House

Alabama Today is hearing the Special Session could be called for the week of Aug. 17. The goal is to pass the general revenue portion of the state operating budget.

Gov. Robert Bentley doubled down on his goal for the Session on Wednesday when talking about the reasons he took down the Confederate flag saying, “I have taxes to raise; we have work to do.”

Among the tax increases Alabama Today is hearing batted around for the upcoming Special Session are:

  • Taxing streaming videos;
  • Taxing beverages (not just sodas but juices, teas and anything that’s not milk or alcohol): There’s a strong coalition of consumers and businesses opposed to that. You can check out their website here;
  • Eliminating the state’s deduction for federal taxes: A proposal  Bentley discussed before. Speaker Hubbard is on record opposing it, saying, “I am opposed to removing the federal income tax deduction because it would basically require individuals to pay state taxes on their federal taxes which is money they never even received,” Hubbard said in an email to AL.Com;
  • Taxing pornography through a change in statute specific to adult purchases and content; and
  • Combined reporting for businesses is back on the table.

We will follow these proposals and continue to report on additional proposals as they come in.


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