Petition to restore Confederate Flag in AL blows away petition to remove it

AP Photo/Dave Martin

Wednesday morning Governor Robert Bentley gave a order to remove the Confederate Flag from state capitol grounds.

Shortly thereafter a Change.Org petition to reinstate the flags was started by Phillip Giddens from Gadson. This petition as of the time this article went live was at 8,393 (June 25, 9:28am CST).

The petition states:

Mr. Bentley, after learning of your call to action to remove the Confederate flags from the State buildings this morning, it’s obvious to us, as citizens of this great state, that we, as your constituents, were not consulted. In efforts for political correctness, it seems that you have offended those in your own backyard. As an elected official, it is your job to act on our behalf, and we were surprised, to say the least, to know that you acted hastily and chose to not be a voice for those without your plaform. Return our flags. Do not apologize for our history and do not give into media propaganda. The South, and especially Alabama, is above conformity. Honor the past of those you represent. Give us back our flags.


Another petition to remove the flags was started by Ralph Young of Birmingham last Friday it currently has 235 signatures. This petition states:

Governor Bentley, it’s time to move Alabama forward. As we join the 21st-century economy, let’s not hamper growth with symbols that may be misinterpreted. I’m talking about the Alabama Capitol’s Confederate Battle Flag. Yes, to some this flag represents southern pride and heritage but many see it as a symbol of hate, separation, and segregation. As you recruit industries from around the world, let’s present a forward-looking, unified Alabama. Governor, do the right thing and remove the flag from Capitol grounds.

Based on the governor’s statement yesterday it seems doubtful the petition to restore the flags will move him.

See first update to this story here: “15,000 signatures and counting for petition to have Governor Bentley restore flag”

Second update to this story including photos of Saturday’s rally can be found here.


  1. Oxymoron – people who post pictures of Old Glory and say they believe in it and the Constitution and everything it represents, then five minutes later post a picture of the Stars and Bars and say they stand behind that one too.
    The Bible says you can’t serve two masters.
    Then the counter argument is, its not about racism or hate its about Southern Pride.
    The Bible also has something to say about your false pride too.

    • thats one stupid analogy when theres a state flag blowin it out the water. and no one serves the c.b.f. anyway . reaching hard on that one.

    • Neither one represents a master to me. I already have two masters……God and Christ. The two flags simply represent my heritage, pride, and home.

    • You sir, are an idiot. The bible says to not serve 2 gods, and to not bow before false prophets. Says nothing of masters. Also, please show me the scripture that covers the flag, I really want to see that! It’s morons like you, sheeple, if you will, that follow the masses under false pretense for your own agenda. Gtfoh with your idiotic bullshit!

    • Michael really? How do you even compare one to the other? They have nothing to do with each other. There is another saying as well. Better to be thought a fool then open your mouth and confirm it.

    • Michael Oglesby, do some research. Nobody is posting the “Stars and Bars”. That’s a different flag entirely with a completely different meaning.

  2. I’m in favor of the petition and will gladly sign it, but Bentley is only interested in pleasing the PC police and applying his true colors as a liberal that is better suited as a democrat. If the GOP majority legislature had a set of balls between them, and the don’t, they would remind him that it is they who have the say as to what is or is not displayed on the Capitol grounds, and not him. Thus, our state is yet again controlled by knee-jerkery.

  3. Why not let the people vote? Michael, there is nothing false about Southern Pride. And I only serve one Master, Jesus. When the Bible says you cannot serve two masters, it means God and Satan. I can love both the South and the United States. I believe in the sovereignty of the states. Old glory is not racist in my mind.

    • Well obviously you have a “Confederate state of mind.” But , who knows you might not be the sharpest knife in the box.

    • Right. I especially hate to see see people turn bible verses around to mean what they want them to mean instead of what God intended. When they do that they lose all credibility with me. Serving two masters has nothing to do with this or the North or South. The false pride has nothing to do with this either.Oglesby quit perverting the word of God to mean what you want and to serve your purpose. For what it means, My GGFather was in the Civil War (Lumsden) as were many other relatives. I am Pure Alabama and for God, a servant of Jesus.

  4. That flag has nothing to do with racism. Even the pastor that was killed voted to keep their flag up. What a whimp.

  5. Return the Confederate Flags to the monument to honor the soldiers that died defending Alabama!

  6. Old Glory got its name in 1831. It is also the Old Glory that marched thousands of Indians down the Trails of Tears. Again thousands of Indians died on our soil because of political hate under the flying of Old Glory. The Confederate battle flag is potrayed as a symbol of hate, why not Old Glory as well. Try this argument again.

  7. Shameful that this lame duck governor made this decision about our flag without the people of Alabama having any say. He wants to raise taxes as oppose to letting the state have a lottery to balance the budget. I’m embarrassed that I voted for this POS!!! Hope he has a short retirement…

  8. I don’t view Confederate flag as a hate symbol or rascist but who cares if got taken down. Really? Let’s worry about important things. Not some stupid ass flag that represents a country that doesn’t exist.

  9. Michael, first off you have your opinion. But I am calling the kettle black on you buddy. You worship things outside of the Bible and GOD too … If you want to say the Confederate Flag represents whatever then great. But what’s next? The American Flag too? It also flew during slavery days. KKK used it on their rallies. If it represents us here in the US then it also represents the present day of corruption of many things like government, mafias and the killing of thousands of Natives in our history. The point I am making is our country is born on the values that we have the freedom of speech and freedom of expression. It’s oxymoron’s like you that join the progressive band wagon to change things to make a point and take away that freedom for others. Some don’t see it as being what you describe. Did it happen, sure. But like the American Flag, others look at it as Southern Pride. How do you feel about the rainbow flag? Does it conform to your statement of the Bibles teachings? Are you racist against gays? I am not all about the Bible like your are, I am living on this rock that goes abound the sun like all of us. I don’t care to get into the PC correctness that this president has introduced into our society like all the other sheeple out there. I live a fun redneck life treating everyone with respect no matter what color or sexual orientation. My thought is live and let live. But you do serve a second master by working to pay him taxes and listen to his laws. So don’t preach something that is a not true. Have your opinion, that’s ok. But don’t push it on others … you will find when it happens to you, you will then understand what I am saying. Also don’t believe everything you read on the internet, it makes you more the the oxymoron than you know.

  10. It’s a part of history and shouldn’t be removed, no more than our American Flag!!!

  11. It’s the battle flag of a loosing army, one that committed treason. It does not belong on any flag pole in front of a public building.

    I did not serve this country for that flag to hold any place of honor.

    If a person wants to own it, that’s fine, someone displaying this flag tells me enough about them with out asking.

  12. Jarvis Searight… you are right… they did use it as a symbol of hate…. but if u knew your history.. u would also say that they carried the American flag as well…and it was only those few.. u judge a flag because of a few groups….. and u refuse to see the history behind it…… and u refuse to admit there where thousands of black men who died fighting FOR that flag and all it stood for….. lol… all I can say is shame on u for not paying attention in history class…..

    • The black men that died for that flag,were sent there by their OWNERS to fight in their place! Don’t ever try to tell me that a black man fought willingly to keep his family enslaved by a bunch of low life!

    • Well I can see u don’t know your history.. yes there were some that were made to go but not all…there are still many older black men that honor that flag and what it stood for…just like so many other narrow minded people that refuse to believe the truth of that flag and that war …. I almost feel sorry for u…..ALMOST…… lol….. Darrin Fraser…. Justin Smith… would u like to help this man that thinks he knows everything….

    • Secondly how many Northerners owned slaves. When you figure that out without the Chicken Noodle News Network we may be able to talk.

    • Not much else I can say with his ignorance. Keep watching a tv or listening to idiots on a radio! But please pick up a book and read just saying

    • Since this got real quite. Look at the GDP of each state in the Union circa 1860. Alabama ,Mississippi, Georgia,and Virginia were top highest value states in this country. The manufacturing arm of the north need the South. With out the products that came from the south they couldn’t produce anythung. Also list how many Rivers in the north that you can transport goods any real distance inland. Your savior of a president Abraham Lincoln is quoted as saying when asked why not let the south go in peace. “The Union can not afford to function without them”.

    • Well u know how the ones are with a big head and no ass to back it up…. guess it would at least be a little different if that big head wasn’t empty…….

    • Lol Willis BradDena my typing skills while working were slacking today that left a pretty good opening. The guy is from Indiana he has grew up hearing the Northern version of this saga. Pretty depressing that when you can counter with something other than the approved talking points that they get real quite or you are racist.

    • The swastika was originally a symbol in Buddhism representing eternal lufe, until it was co-opted by the Nazi Party it was not seen as a negative thing. After becoming the representative symbol of what is little more than a wide spread hate group, the symbol is no longer immediately associated with its original meaning. You say that people are ignoring history by citing the KKK’S adoption of the flag for why it is a racist symbol, but I would contend that you are choosing to omit their use of the flag. Yes, this symbol originally had nothing to do with hate; but since it’s inception it has been adopted by a hate group and it’s original meaning has been obscured.

  13. Leave it up.

    Had relatives to fight under it…. And no…. They didn’t own salves. They fought to repel an invader into his country.


  15. You don’t like our Southern Heritage you can leave the South. Northerners owned slaves also blacks owned slaves.

  16. I was married to a southern man fro south Carolina lived there for several take away there flag would be a disgrace. every state has there oun flag,leave things as they are.they as we northeners are proud of there heritage,

  17. I’m originily from the north & moved to Slidell,LA. in 2007 & I love it here…. People are so kind & polite & considerate !!! Especiallt twards the elderly….. I say keep the flag flying & keep all that pertains to the South going.. All I see is that the Govt. is taking ones heritage & beliefs away from them… I also see that this country is being by a bunch of communist… This is how I feel… We have NO FREEDOM @ all !!! So PLEASE put the flags & all Southern Historical items back where they belong… Thank ya’ll….

  18. In the name of my great great uncle John Thomas Duke who died serving with the 5 th Alabama Infantry, during the War Between the States , I respectfully ask that you return the Confederate Flag to the Alabama Capital building .

  19. I just can’t believe y’all removed it in the first place. Get you Spine back, remove that yellow stripe down y’all’s back!

  20. Iams a bible believer myself my 1st is my god n Lord n saviour Jesus Christ . Our Rebel Flag does not represent hate . The X on the rebel Flag came from a country that spells Christ with n X . Has people forgotten wat the south stands for n wat we’ves always been called . Well Lets me reminds ya ( the Bible Belt ) if we represented hate why ,Why people why would we the south 13 states be called the bible belt . Well people I believes in my bible n I do stands behind my ancestors who fought for us under that flag . Just like today I stands behinds our service men n women who has n is fighting for us . Even at same time people Slavery had started ending during the patriot war . Blacks had fought for there freedom during the patriot war. People all this is is away for Obama to gain more control. We all needz to become United once again n fets him out before were destoried here in America anynore . Everytime he gets something like this started up vetween all of us hes doing sumthing up to nogood on sumthing else.

  21. Part of history it’s what made us today, everybody not going to be, I don’t like these black leaders saying time to kill the white people, that’s a threat what’s being done, nothing,

  22. The flag has a bad rap as a symbol of hate and white supremacists…NOT TRUE….Get it straight ….. check out the history not the propaganda…

  23. put the Flag Back up Be Southern Proud!! The Flag Never hurt any one; The people that use our Flag as Syblem of Hate dont Under stand; Take the Flag away them; not us; Southern Born an Southern Proud!!

  24. My ancestors fought bravely under this flag. Some even gave their lives. It’s not right to totally remove the flag from everywhere. Shame on google and amazon from falling prey to false teachings. Everyone that thinks it’s ALL about race.. You need a history lesson!

  25. Leave my Confederate Flag alone take down them gay flags if your gonna take down Veterans of this land the fought the British as well Happy 4TH of July

  26. notice u wrote battle flag, that is what it is, no hate, racism,a battle flag, leave it alone,people r getting crazy with their racist acts, and now everything offends them, my butt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, u want to be heard, get with ur group, the rest of us don’t want to hear ur crys

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