Kenneth Paschal: What’s bigger threat to children of Alabama?


How can leaders avoid using chameleon survival skills? Prioritization!

I’m a U.S. Army retired first sergeant, a defender of the U.S. Constitution (which includes having the freedom to disagree), a defender of the American Flag, and an advocate for children to have an equal relationship with both fit parents.

Several individuals have called and messaged me asking my thoughts on Governor Bentley’s change of heart regarding the Confederate flag.

There are countless problems our leaders are faced with daily and it’s imperative our leaders prioritize their agenda and ensure the citizens understand their prioritization process. I challenge our leaders to ask themselves the following questions and identify the potential problems and concerns. Then ask which identified concern presents an imminent threat and dangers to oneself, children, family, communities, state, and or nation?

In doing so, our leaders will be better able to handle the political pressure of the mainstream media by sharing with their constituents their prioritization list and agenda. Absent of such, elected leaders will more likely make emotional decisions similar to a chameleon changing colors. Neither benefits the citizens of Alabama, especially our children’s future.

Did you know? Each year about 40,000 children are annually subjected to child custody determination in Alabama. These court orders usually limit children to only 48-54 hours twice a month to visit with one of their fit parents (particularly children of color), equating to only 4 years out of 19 years of a child’s minority life. This discriminatory practice is known to the Alabama leaders. This practice places our children at risk of living in poverty, failing in school, hating one-half of themselves, killing each other, failing in life; particularly children of color.

In answering the question about the governor’s change of heart about the Confederate flag, I present this question: What has contributed to more hate, increased violence, and killing in the black community within the last 40 to 50 years? The Confederate flag or the family law practices that intentionally deprive children, (particularly children of color), from having a relationship with one of their biological parents, particularly the father. Depriving children of their proud and rightful heritage and placing children at risk of failure simply because of their parents marital status produces hate and, is heinous beyond words.

Kenneth Paschal is the director of governmental affairs  Alabama Family Rights Association. The mission of the Alabama Family Rights Association (ALFRA) is to change the current child custody laws in Alabama to safeguard children by ensuring they have the involvement of both parents in their lives.


Biggest threat to alabama children?