Email Insights: Gary Palmer challenges EPA Administrator McCarthy on overreach


Congressman Gary Palmer, a member of the Science, Space and Technology Committee, questioned EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy at a hearing today on the Environmental Protection Agency‘s  overreach:

The EPA is an agency that increasingly claims more authority than it rightfully ought to have. It claims the authority to regulate ditches and small ponds as ‘navigable waters.’ It is busy crafting some of the most expensive regulations in history on power plants. It unreasonably refuses to consider the potential costs of regulations on to the economy,” said Palmer. “The EPA’s agenda is destroying jobs and hurting the poorest Americans disproportionately. This is especially true in the minority community. According to a report by the National Black Chamber of Commerce, due to the EPA’s regulatory agenda, by 2025, blacks will lose almost 2.2 million jobs and Hispanics 3.8 million. Also, the poverty rate will increase for blacks by 23% and Hispanics by 26%.

During her testimony, Administrator McCarthy admitted that the proposed new ozone standard would be achieved by the majority of counties without additional regulations. Additionally, Administrator McCarthy admitted that the previous standard has yet to be implemented. Palmer asked why, if this were true, the EPA is now proposing a new standard which cannot be met by many counties using currently available technology.

You can watch Congressman Palmer’s exchange with Administrator McCarthy below:



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