Organizers of confederate rally blame city officials for supporter’s death

Birmingham AL Confederate Monument

A crowd of hundreds gathered at an event sponsored by Save Our South in Birmingham on Saturday to protest the decision of the Birmingham Parks and Recreation board to remove a confederate memorial in a public park.

Following the event two of the guest speakers were involved in a car crash. A message posted on the Save Our South Facebook page read in part, “Our guest speakers at the Birmingham Rally were allegedly followed and forced off the road in Mississippi. Arlene Baarnum sustained injuries but she is in stable condition. Veteran and activist Anthony Hervey did not survive the tragic incident. Please send prayers to both of their families right now.”

In a statement given to the Examiner Ginger Barbee, a lawyer for a group that sponsored the event, blamed local authorities for the tragedy.

“I want the Birmingham Parks and Recreations board to know that they are ultimately responsible for this tragedy,” she said, according to a statement Barbee gave Examiner late Sunday. “If they had not voted to remove the monument, this young, heroic black man would still be alive. They have caused so much racial division in a great city which has had very few racial issues since the Civil Rights movement. Anthony Hervey gave his life for something he believed in, reaching across racial lines to preserve history and protect our Constitutional rights. He was a Veteran and a Purple Heart recipient. Our prayers go out to his family during this time. He will be remembered.”

The video of the surviver of the crash Arlene Barnum speaking at the event has is below..

BURN BABY BURN!! Arlene Barnum tells her part time employer, the NAACP, to “take this job and shove it!” Then she lights her NAACP membership card on fire! She says, “They are the real racists!” – Join us! We are truly multicultural! Let’s work together to Save Our South and our great America! #SaveOurSouth

Posted by Save Our South on Saturday, July 18, 2015


  1. Hervey was a well-known and proven fake, phony, con man and criminal who played at being a “Black Confederate” to line his pockets. All anyone has to do is a little research and follow a few links: The 37th Texas Cavalry “outed” him more than a decade ago, before he went to jail for fraud.

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