Gary Palmer, Mo Brooks pick up Sarah Palin support, checks

Sarah Palin

Gary Palmer made a promise on the campaign trail not to vote for John Boehner for Speaker of the U.S. House. That was a promise he kept. Instead, he cast his vote for U.S. Sen. Jeff Sessions to lead the House.

Sunday, the blog Conservatives4Palin reported on the latest FEC filings for SarahPAC, 2008 GOP vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin‘s Political Action Committee (PAC), and noted that she gave early to 18 of the 25 members who voted against Boehner.

As listed on their website:

Those who opposed Boehner and have received early contributions from Sarah PAC include Justin Amash, Rob Blum, Dave Brat, Jim Bridenstine, Jeff Duncan, Scott Garrett, Chris Gibson, Louie Gohmert, Paul Gosar, Walter Jones, Steve King, Thomas Massie, Mark Meadows, Gary Palmer, Bill Posey, Marlin Stutzman, Daniel Webster, and Ted Yoho.

Daniel Webster, Louie Gohmert, Jeff Duncan, Trey Gowdy, Jim Jordan, and Ted Yoho all received votes to replace John Boehner as Speaker, and all received contributions from Sarah PAC.

Mo Brooks also received a contribution. Though he ultimately ended up voting for Boehner to be speaker he had been outspoken in the past about not agreeing with his leadership. In an interview with The Hill last year Brooks incorrectly predicted that Boehner may not ever run for re-election as speaker.

“He is just not acting like an individual who is doing the things you would need to do to get re-elected Speaker of the House,” Brooks said.

“It might be the acquisition of the residency in Florida, it might be blaming the Republicans, his own caucus, for the shutdown, it might be blaming his own caucus for the impasse over immigration, it might be the rather salty language he has used to describe some of his own Republican Conference members, but you add all these things, and that’s just not the kind of conduct you would expect from someone who is going to run for Speaker.”

On the day of the vote WAAYTV reported that Brooks said, “My intention today is to vote for John Boehner, quite frankly with some reluctance, but he is the best of the options.” When it came to voting against the speaker to send a message he reportedly said, “It’s much like trying to topple a king. Typically speaking if there is a rebellion against the king you better win because if you don’t you lose your head,” Brooks said, “and I don’t believe in symbolic votes on something as important as this.”


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