Why the Washington Post is scared of Matthew Brown on the Board of Education

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Earlier this week Valerie Strauss of the Washington Post took to task Governor Robert Bentley‘s appointment of Matthew Brown to the state’s Board of Education.

Why is a national columnist worried so much about what happens in Alabama’s schools? Because Brown has realistic expectations of the education system.

Strauss points to his opposition to a tax increase, opposition that voters overwhelmingly agreed with him on voting 2-1 against the increase. If you want to read more about the fiscal and logical reasons Brown and voters rejected the tax, visit the website he set up Education Baldwin Now.

Strauss doesn’t like that Brown has the audacity to realize throwing money at the system isn’t going to fix it. Brown supports school choice including charter schools (which he emphasizes accountability for) and homeschooling (which he was himself). He openly admits that if a public school isn’t the best available place for his children to get an education he would consider alternatives to make sure they receive the kind of education that all parents should desire for their families. Why on earth would we want that fresh take and that perspective to be represented on a board tasked with education decisions?

Wait, wait, I know it’s because he’s not deeply entrenched in the school system. Being jaded by years of being a cog in a machine that abhors change and progress should certainly be a prereq for the Board. Wishing local school boards and the state spendendless amounts of money should be a prereq for the job. Openly stating that you’d put your children in public schools even if they’re not the best choice available, providing the highest quality education and safety should be a prereq.

Yes, Matthew Brown certainly can’t be qualified for the Board of Education because his perspective is too unique. He was homeschooled. Oh the travesty. Using that logic no one at the Pentagon who hasn’t been in a war zone should be making decisions on military action.

His motivation, a better system that will make public schools the best option for his children is not really that important. His willingness to look at all of the information and all of the options that could make our schools better is just terrible.


  1. Really????? Making schools better for HIS children isn’t important?? Really??? What about mine? This guy is so arrogant he doesn’t even feel as if everyone should work together. It’s conservatives and that’s it. To realize there are other people in this world and try to reach out to them is nonsense to him. What would be his reason for WANTiNG to get into the public education game? He doesn’t have one, has stated so himself. Sooooooo????? Boggling to say the least. Take this comment…”the Washington post is critical of my appointment. A liberal newspaper. Should I be insulted or take it as a compliment?” Yeah. He said that. Instead of being either you could say that maybe he needs to reach out and state his plan, or why he so wanted to be in this position. He won’t though, because it’s politically driven not because he so badly wants to help public schools. This is a game to him.

  2. After reading The Washington Post article and your reaction to it, as well as researching your background and Strauss’ I find the WP article was a simple inquiry to a educational appointment by a columnist who writes about education and your deeply bitter and sarcastic reaction to it understandable since it questions a rising conservative politician. You have stated in your own words that you have ‘more than a decade of experience working for the advancement of conservative policy agenda and conservative candidates.” Having resided in Alabama a mere 3 years, and not in the district that Brown will serve,and having no children in schools systems that will be affected by his appointment; I find you have little actual skin in the game other than to promote yourself and your politics. You are certainly welcome to do so and easily on a site that you own. I would have appreciated a far more researched and factual stance in which to consider the Matt Brown appointment.
    I am not stating that I am for or against the appointment but anyone with a reasonable amount of intelligence should question and research an appointment that has as much contradiction in decision making as Matt Brown. He may indeed bring new perspective to the table but thus far he has only shown is what he is against and hasn’t offered any solutions to bring about what he is for. In my house we call that bitching by the water cooler. Its useless. Unless of course you want to be a professional politician . If you want to truly help the educational system of Alabama please offer us information regarding Brown’s plans and better yet his ACTIONS. Living in Baldwin County many of us are hear his voice , but don’t see much of his presence. . I think you missed an opportunity when you broadcast your opinion and agenda rather than informing readers of Brown’s actual contributions.. As a parent with children in the BC School system I truly hope that wasn’t because there wasn’t any to report.

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