Alabama Foundation for Limited Government releases radio ad against tax increases

Photo provided by John Rice

In a new radio ad released by the Alabama Foundation for Limited Government legislators is urging Alabamians to call their legislators and insist upon no new taxes during this special legislative session.

Listen to the ad here:

Script (via Facebook)

Out of control.

Nine months ago when they ran for office, State politicians promised no new taxes. This week in Montgomery these same politicians are talking about welshing on that promise. They are meeting to raise taxes because they say they need more money to spend.

They don’t need more money. They need to better spend what we have already given them.

State General Fund spending for Medicaid has tripled since 2004. And this is when emergency room treatment of Medicaid patients has escalated where only 20% of Medicaid emergency room visits are for emergency treatment. Instead of ballooning Medicaid spending, the governor and bureaucrats need to put some meaningful restrictions on the over usage of health care.

And prisons? The governor has requested almost $520 million for Corrections, or 70% more than just 10 years ago. This is happening while the cost for the no-bid crony prison medical contract has tripled in 12 years to a huge $80 million a year.

Has your income tripled or gone up 70%? Of course, the answer is no.

State politicians need to get spending under control. If they need more money, then they need to find it somewhere else besides raising taxes and raiding the Alabama Trust Fund again.

Tell your legislator to keep their promise not to raise taxes, any taxes. Call your legislator at (334) 242-7600 and (334) 242-7800.

Paid for by the Alabama Foundation for Limited Government, Box 710, Opelika, Alabama.

The foundation’s founder John Rice wrote an op-ed published on Alabama Today earlier this week in which he detailed spending and ways to cut costs noting, “Governor Bentley needs to forgo the trappings of power and operate state government on a shoestring budget.”


  1. Gov. Bentley, Why are you raising taxes on the poorest of Alabama elderly and disabled? We for most are living on a 1950 income level and Obama has stated that he plans to take 20% of our Social Security to fund his illegals. What is our Gov. planning to do with us when enough is taken that we are forced into the streets homeless? Sir we do not have any more to give and I just can live on what I get now. I am unable to work any longer so that means I will have to learn to live with around $200.00 less a month. That will put me at $790.00 a month. I have canceled my cable, lost my truck, trying to keep my utilities on. I no longer smoke due to the price and am now vaping that is a lot cheaper but I hear you want to tax that until it will cost more than a pack of cigarettes. If you need so much money then send the illegals back to Obama, stop buying military equipment for our police, and force the welfare leaches to go back to work and support their own bills because we are tired of living on just enough to eat once a day and I would love to be able to buy an old truck so I can get around better, it is hard to walk to the store on crutches 2 miles away.Sir just like you I served my country but what is different is the fact that I came back disabled and never had the chances others did in the work force so I was forced to raise 2 children on minimum wage. I was not able to save anything for my retirement and all I get is Social Security now. If I am forced to hand over $200.00 a month to Obama to support his illegals who at this point get around $36,000.00 a year in support where I make around $17.000.00 a year income it will force me to join the ranks of my brothers in arms for the 3rd time that are now living in the street as illegals move into vacant homes free of charge. Is that the way you see your brothers in arms, As nothing more than useless trash that have never been allowed to enjoy the freedoms we fought so hard and sacrificed so much to protect those who never served or ever supported the rights of free men. Sir please, I beg you to stop this insanity and give us our remaining years back so we can live out our lives in a some what meaningful way or are you planning to support Obama in his plans to force us into FEMA concentration and elimination camps?

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