Too many Republicans in Montgomery? Gov. Robert Bentley thinks so

Robert Bentley gavel
Photo Credit: AP Photo

Gov. Robert Bentley spoke to an estimated 250 people at the Kiwanis Club anniversary celebration in Tuscaloosa on Friday. The Tuscaloosa News reported on the event and here’s some key shots to start your week off in case you missed the story.

  1. “I’ve always been a Republican,” Bentley said, “but we’ve got too many Republicans in Montgomery.”

“We don’t have anybody to fight.”

  1. “You’ve got to have taxes. If you don’t, you don’t have government.”
  1. “And they said if you’ll get out in front, we’ll be right there behind you.

“And they were. About a mile and a half back.”

Chaser: The Tuscaloosa News reported in that same story, “The governor assured those in attendance that he and the Alabama legislators would will find a solution to the budgetary crisis, even if he had to call for a second or possibly third special session.”

We do have a lot of republican’s in Montgomery but the problem I hear the most frequently is that there are too many republicans that act like democrats in Montgomery. The strong conservatives in Montgomery are the ones opposed to tax increases, opposed to Common Core, as it’s being implemented, and those who fall on the side of the free market, business friendly climate and limited government. We don’t have “too many” of that type of republican in Montgomery.


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