Governor Robert Bentley appoints 9 to Human Resources Task Force

Gov Robert Bentley bill signing

Last week, Governor Robert Bentley made nine appointments to the Human Resources Task Force which was created by Executive Order 11.

These appointments were:

  • Mac McCutcheon, State Representative, Task Force chair
  • Chris England, State Representative
  • Lyn Head, District Attorney
  • Nancy Buckner, Commissioner, Alabama Department of Human Resources
  • Greg Reed, State Senator
  • Chris Newlin, Executive Director, National Children’s Advocacy Center
  • Adrienne LaBudde, Attorney
  • Paul Vincent, Expert, Child Welfare Practice
  • Martha Hooper, Foster Parent Advocate, Alabama Foster and Adoptive Parent Association

According to the order the purpose of the task force is:

BE IT ORDERED, that the Task Force shall analyze ways to improve the delivery of services by DHR, including, but not limited to, the following:

  1. Methods to strengthen the quality and consistency of screening of reports of child abuse.
  2. Family assessments stemming from and adequacy of resources to respond to child abuse reports.
  3. Training of child welfare workers including supervisors.
  4. Early intervention and prevention services for children and families at risk of abuse.
  5. Transparency of the child protection system.
  6. Review of the child protection system focusing on whether the intervention provided is making a difference in the lives of children.
  7. Review of foster care services as an integral part of the child protection system.
  8. Methods to increase the utilization of local resources.

BE IT FURTHER ORDERED, that the Task Force shall examine and analyze the state laws, practices, policies, and procedures of DHR relating to the reporting and response to child abuse. The Task Force may hold public hearing and otherwise receive and review written comments from individuals and organizations.

BE IT FURTHER ORDERED, that the Task Force shall report to the Governor by January 15, 2016, and shall include in its report recommendations to improve the child protection system including any suggested changes in state laws and practices, policies, and procedures of DHR in the delivery of child protection services.

BE IT FURTHER ORDERED, that the Task Force shall meet at the call of the chair and shall adopt rules governing the manner of conducting its business. The Task Force and any committee of the Task Force may meet by teleconference. All Task Force members shall serve without compensation.

BE IT FURTHER ORDERED, that this Executive Order shall become effective immediately upon signing and shall remain in force until such time it is modified or rescinded by the Governor.

You can find more information on open board positions on the appointments webpage.


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