This is where we’re drawing the line

drawing the line in the sand

With the recent leak of Ashley Madison data and now the breaking news of the First Lady filing for divorce this is a good time to draw line on what Alabama Today will be covering.

Yes, we did a story about the state government emails included in the leak. No, we have not named names. Yes, we realize their are people involved in Alabama politics on the list but we have chosen not to publish them.

We frequently, maybe a little too frequently are told of personal troubles in the private lives and marriages of elected official officials, lobbyists and political aides. This is not news worthy for the purposes of this site unless or until it affects their ability to do their job or calls into question abuse of their job.

Why? Because of respect for privacy of those involved. These cases aren’t a daytime drama or evening TV series like “Scandal” or “House of Cards.” Those in politics and business have families with challenges as do all of us and they make mistakes as do all of us.

While the Governor Robert Bentley‘s divorce is news worthy the further reasons should remain personal. He and his wife have children and grandchildren and their privacy should be respected.

The results of the Ashley Madison leak have been and will be real hurt, anger, humiliation and betrayal and splashing names online for a sideline view of tragedy is wrong.

Celebrating personal failures or speculating about details is wrong. No one knows what’s happening inside the homes of their neighbor and it’s no ones business.

We will monitor the breaking news with the first lady’s filing and will report on the news aspects as deemed appropriate.


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