Weekend Confederate flag, secession rally set for Alabama Capitol

Confederate flag walking

Saturday, a “Secession Rally” planned by the Alabama Flaggers, a pro-Confederate battle flag group, is set to take place at the Alabama State Capitol.

“We are rallying for the secession from the United States of America brings (sic) your flags bring your secession flags bring your secession signs,” states the event sponsor, Alabama Flaggers’ Facebook page.

The event is scheduled in response to Gov. Robert Bentley removal the Confederate flags from a memorial on the grounds of the state Capitol after the mass shooting at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church, a black church in Charleston S.C., in June.

“What we do is we fight to preserve our heritage, our monuments, our cemeteries and anything having to do with our heritage that is being destroyed,” Alabama Flaggers co-director Freda Mincey-Burton told AL.com. “We are trying to get the point across that we are tired of being walked on. We are tired of having our monuments defaced and destroyed. We do have constitutional rights.”

Despite being banned from many Confederate flag rallies in the past months for their extreme views, the Southern Poverty Law Center has learned that the Alabama Flaggers extended an invitation to the hate-group the League of the South, and that several members of the League are scheduled to speak at the secession rally.

“The LOS has become increasingly radical in recent years, and even more notably in recent months, as they have eagerly taken on a mantle of victimhood as the Confederate flag has come under fire and begun preparing themselves for an inevitable race war,” says the SPLC Hatewatch staff.

As of Thursday, more than 300 people have indicated that they will attend Saturday’s 11 a.m. – 4 p.m. event.


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