Planned Parenthood sues Alabama over end to Medicaid funds

Gov Robert Bentley_AP

Planned Parenthood has filed a federal lawsuit over Gov. Robert Bentley‘s effort to cut off Medicaid payments to the organization’s Alabama clinics.

Planned Parenthood Southeast said Friday that the move penalizes low-income women who seek contraceptive and preventative health care services at the clinics. The lawsuit was filed in Montgomery federal court.

Bentley earlier this month announced he was terminating provider agreements with Planned Parenthood. The governor said he was disturbed by hidden-camera videos that accuse the organization of selling fetal organs after abortions.

Planned Parenthood has denied the allegations and says the videos, shot by abortion opponents, are edited to be misleading.

Bentley’s press office did not have an immediate response to the lawsuit.

Planned Parenthood has a similar lawsuit against Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal.

Republished with permission of The Associated Press.


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