Terri Sewell visit Alabama troops in Iraq

Sewell and Alabama Guard Special Forces 20

Next week she heads back to Capitol Hill, this week Congresswoman Terri Sewell (AL-07), a second-term member of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, took time to meet with members of the Alabama National Guard’s 20th Special Forces unit, part of U.S. Special Operations Command that is currently deployed in the Kurdish Region of Northern Iraq, during a four-day trip to the country. There, Sewell received oversight briefings on the current U.S. Department of Defense training mission with Syrian fighters and the Iraqi Army.

“Our brave men and women in uniform play an integral role in Iraq, and my visit to Ebril and Baghdad deepened my appreciation for the sacrifices they have made to protect our country,” Sewell said of the men and women she met on her trip. “I was especially honored to meet with members of the Alabama National Guard’s 20th Special Forces division, and to learn more about their vital mission in Iraq. I want to thank these remarkable Alabama National Guardsmen for their exemplary service to our nation during their deployment in Iraq. I am especially proud to acknowledge the critical role that Alabama troops are playing in the fight against global terrorism.”

Sewell continued, “As a member of the House Intelligence Committee, one of my most sacred duties is to ensure that every vote I make supports and advances our national security. Freedom is not free, and members of the armed forces deserve special recognition for their service and sacrifice. We in Alabama are doing our part.”

Sewell with General OdomCongresswoman Terri Sewell with American leadership in Iraq, including General Mark Odom who is the Combined Joint Operations Center Commander in Northern Iraq.


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