Jeff Sessions receives first-ever Phyllis Schlafly Award for Excellence in Leadership

Jeff Sessions Phyllis Schlafly

Alabama’s junior United States Senator Jeff Sessions Friday night received the inaugural Phyllis Schlafly Award for Excellence in Leadership at the Eagle Forum’s 44th annual Eagle Council training conference “for his courageous defense of truth and moral principle in Congress.”

Phyllis Schlafly, president of the Eagle Forum, is arguably one of the most celebrated and heralded conservative intellectual leaders in this and the previous century. She has been complimentary of Sessions’ record for years.

“Jeff Sessions has been our hero in Congress on many issues,” Schlafly said. “I am so very glad that we can honor his work in this way, and make him the first recipient of this award. I hope that there will be many legislators and conservative leaders who will follow Senator Sessions’ example in battling the leftist attacks on our families, our culture, and our sovereignty.”

Joining the United States Senate in 1997, Sessions has has focused his energies on upholding the rule of law, limiting the role of government and empowering Americans to keep more of their hard-earned money.

“I am deeply honored to receive this award from one of America’s greatest patriots, Phyllis Schlafly,” said Senator Sessions. “Without her tireless efforts, the modern conservative movement may never have gotten off the ground. And today, her focus on how powerful forces – economic and political – impact the lives and values of everyday Americans remains almost unique. Indeed , this understanding is once again proving critical to the success of the only movement that can uplift , morally and economically, all our citizens – American conservatism. This award is a true honor.”


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