Jeb Bush chats up Miss Alabama following Donald Trump comments

Jeb Bush
Gov. Jeb Bush
In a 2016 GOP presidential contest featuring celebrity endorsements (or in some cases anti-endorsements) from unlikely quarters, former Jeb Bush‘s new ally might be among the most unusual of all.
Recently-crowned Miss Alabama Meg McGuffin – fresh off a strong fourth-place finish in the 2016 Miss America pageant – got a call from Bush over the weekend. According to Bush phoned up McGuffin to offer his thanks for her warm words towards the former Florida governor.
McGuffin made news during the recent national Miss America contest when she expressed concern over the outsize media attention given of late to New York businessman and political newcomer Donald Trump.
She singled out Bush as a more suitable candidate, saying last month that Bush is “an incredible candidate.” McGuffin said Trump, merely “an entertainer,” should make Republican primary voters nervous, saying the focus on Trump is unhealthy and harmful to the GOP’s 2016 chances.
According to the beauty queen Bush didn’t ask for an endorsement or a contribution, simply calling to express his gratitude to the 22-year-old Auburn grad.
“He simply thanked me. Didn’t ask me to join the team, offer an endorsement. Nothing at all,” she said Tuesday.
“I didn’t imagine when I was answering that question at Miss America that I’d be getting a phone call from Jeb Bush,” McGuffin said. “It’s pretty cool to get a phone call from a presidential candidate regardless of who it is or what the phone call is about.”
Bush reportedly made the call from a college football tailgate at the University of Georgia, an SEC rival of the Auburn Tigers. He suggested the two of them catch a game in Alabama sometime this season.
See below for Miss Alabama’s recent social media posts regarding her close encounter with a major presidential contender.


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