American Bridge announces #JebNoFilter


Although the conservative website The Federalist convincingly shows that the full context of Jeb Bush‘s “stuff happens” remark indicates that he was not shrugging off the latest example of gun violence run amok in America, that’s not how it played around the country as his comments bounced around the web last Friday afternoon.

The comment got heavy coverage on the network news on Friday night as well, and fed into the narrative that the former Florida governor has shown more than a little rust in his first time running for office in 13 years. Websites cite other comments he wished he could take back, such as his “anchor babies” remark he made when Donald Trump was first busting out in the polls. When Bush was asked a few days later if he was afraid using the derogatory term would alienate Hispanic voters, Jeb then explained that, “frankly, it’s more related to Asian people.”

Now the liberal research and communications organization American Bridge is launching a new campaign to promote Jeb’s flubs, called @JebNoFilter.

“Jeb Bush’s blunders don’t just show his inability to succeed as a candidate, they show what he’s really thinking,” says American Bridge President Jessica Mackler. “When Jeb goes off script, his extreme and divisive rhetoric comes out.”


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