Tea Party darling Becky Gerritson to challenge Martha Roby in GOP congressional primary

Becky Gerritson and Martha Roby

Thursday Wetumpka Tea Party founder Becky Gerritson announced her plan to challenge Republican incumbent Martha Roby in Alabama’s 2nd Congressional District — setting up what seems to be Alabama’s most competitive primary battle.

Gerritson made her announcement at Gold Star Park in Wetumpka, telling the crowd she wants to represent Alabamians “who share our resentment and frustration with the pathetic leadership coming from Washington…”

“I know that we can achieve a victory that will send a strong message to the Establishment in Washington that they can no longer campaign like conservatives and govern like Democrats!” followed Gerritson in a campaign email. “As your congressman, I will work every day to fight for our conservative values- regardless of the political consequences. Unafraid and unashamed, I will stand against the pervasive radical agenda in Washington, oppose this president and his liberal cronies, and restore our nation to the land our Founders intended it to be.”

Already, the race is gaining national attention. The conservative blog Gateway Pundit calls Gerritson’s announcement “good news” and Conservative HQ claims Gerritson “is exactly the kind of bold conservative representative YOU want in Congress.”

The support hasn’t stopped with bloggers. The Twittersphere has been abuzz with supportive Tweets as well:

It remains to be seen whether the out of state support will translate into donations, but one thing is for sure —Gerritson is no stranger to the attention. She first entered the national spotlight in 2013 when she testified before the House Ways and Means Committee in Washington, DC, detailing the Wetumpka Tea Party’s apparent targeting by the IRS while trying to gain tax-exempt status for the conservative group.

“Not only has the IRS not amended their ways, but we have witnessed President Obama get away with making his own laws while blatantly ignoring others,” Gerritson said in her testimony. “Why in the world Congress is allowing it to continue is beyond me!”

Gerritson is Roby’s first serious challenger since she assumed office in 2011 after defeating Democrat incumbent Bobby Bright. She’s won re-election twice.

The two candidates will face-off during the Republican primary on March 1, 2016, and the winner will move on to the Nov. 8 general election.


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