Jeb Bush says he won’t give Hillary Clinton a pass on emails

Jeb Bush

One of the biggest moments of Tuesday night’s Democratic presidential debate was when Bernie Sanders had the opportunity to attack Hillary Clinton regarding the growing controversy regarding her private email server account while serving as Secretary of State and chose not to exploit the moment.

Jeb Bush said this morning that given the opportunity, he won’t hesitate to attack.

“I would have taken her to task for that, and if she wins the nomination and I win the nomination, trust me, this is not  going to end.” Bush said early Wednesday on Fox & Friends.

Meanwhile, the Bush campaign is celebrating the announcement that he will be endorsed later on Wednesday in New Hampshire by Chuck Morse, the Senate President in the New Hampshire legislature.

“Washington is broken and we need to send a proven leader with a strong, conservative track record there to turn entrenched government upside down and make it work for Americans again. Jeb Bush has that track record and he needs to be our next President,” Morse said in a statement issued out Wednesday morning by the Bush campaign. “In a field of good candidates, Jeb Bush clearly stands out.  Jeb’s never been part of the DC culture and he will take on the special interests and and bring fiscal sanity to Washington.  We’re never going to fix the problems down there by electing people who’ve helped create the problems or someone who has proven incapable of fixing it.  I know Jeb’s done it before in Florida and know he’ll do it again as President.”

“Senator Morse has spent years fighting for Granite State families, working to lower taxes and reduce regulations that make it harder for us to grow the economy and give people the opportunities they deserve. He is one of the hardest working elected officials in New Hampshire and I’m proud to add him to our growing team in the state,” Bush said.

Morse will be joining the Bush campaign as New Hampshire co-chair.


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