Email Insights: Alabama GOP Chairman Terry Lathan responds to the Democratic debate

Alabama GOP Terry Lathan

Tuesday night the the Democratic presidential hopeful  took the stage for their first nationally televised debate. Hosted by CNN in Las Vegas, the debate — featuring Lincoln Chafee, Hillary Clinton, Martin O’Malley, Bernie Sanders and Jim Webb — gave the candidates an opportunity to stand out, share their opinions on major issues, and with any luck increase their poll numbers.

Wednesday morning, Alabama Republican Party chairman Terry Lathan sent the following email in  response to the debate:

“I was pleased to see the liberal and progressive Democrat candidates on display yesterday evening for all of America to witness. The candidates’ mindsets, thoughts and words were divisive and harmful to our nation. They did not speak on the economy or the flat-lined job growth that citizens desperately need addressed. Contrasted with the Republican presidential candidates, many of whom have released or are soon to release their economic growth plans, the Democrats are stuck in the ditch of no ideas, are playing the blame game and have a bankrupt vision for our nation.

“Barack Obama said he would fundamentally transform America, and he did just that. Unfortunately, he has taken us down a road that is destructive and harmful. The Democrats displayed in last evening’s debate that they are walking along that same path.

“We look forward to November 2016, when we will take our nation back from the lines of thoughtless and reckless actions that have been thrust upon us.”


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