Tea Party group calls on Speaker Mike Hubbard to resign


A conservative political activist group called the Rainy Day Patriots are calling on House Speaker Mike Hubbard to resign his office, citing concerns about the Republican lawmaker’s ability to operate independently of influence stemming from his business interests and influential friends.

Among other challenges to his ethics record, Hubbard was indicted back in October 14 on 23 counts of using his public office for personal gain. So far, no charges have been filed. But that fact was clearly cold comfort to the Tea Party-oriented organization, who called for Hubbard to step down “effective immediately.”

“…It is obvious that Speaker Hubbard has shown a long-term pattern of operating the Alabama House of Representatives for his own benefit. It is clear by his own admissions that he used or attempted to use, his speakership for the benefit of hisprivate business interests, the Business Council of Alabama and other associates,” an announcement issued on March 2 reads.

The announcement referred to charges brought against Hubbard by prosecuting attorneys W. Van Morris and Matt Hart  appointed by the state attorney’s office to investigate the matter – who point to email conversations between Hubbard’s office and political allies seeking to do office business with the State of Alabama.

“With the legislative session only days away it is imperative that the residents of Alabama have confidence in the leadership of the House of Representatives,” the release continued. “It would be impossible for any reasonable person to read the exhibits presented as supporting evidence in the indictments and to conclude that Speaker Hubbard should continue to hold his leadership position.”

An article in the Montgomery Advertiser also mentions that during his time as chair of the Alabama GOP Hubbard wielded his influence in order to secure printing contracts for an Auburn-based firm called Craftmasters, in which Hubbard has a direct financial stake.