Luther Strange welcomes Alabama Supreme Court stay on VictoryLand

Bingo casino

The Alabama Supreme Court on Monday issued a stay of Montgomery County Circuit Judge William Shashy’s Oct. 5 ruling that the state does not have to return electronic gaming machines and cash seized from VictoryLand in Macon County.

Shashy ruled last month that electronic bingo was legal in Macon County saying the state was “cherry picking” which casinos to prosecute while others remained in business when it shut down VictoryLand casino in a 2013 raid.

Alabama Attorney General Luther Strange welcomed Monday’s stay.

“I am pleased with the Alabama Supreme Court’s stay of the Circuit Court’s order concerning VictoryLand,” said Attorney General Strange.

“The high court’s decision will prevent the release of all illegal electronic bingo machines seized at VictoryLand until the Supreme Court is able to rule on the state’s appeal. It is important that the case be allowed to progress through the entire judicial process so the legality of electronic bingo at VictoryLand can be settled once and for all,” Strange said.

The state seized 1,615 electronic bingo machines and $253,105 in cash from VictoryLand on Feb. 19, 2013 claiming the currency and machines are illegal and sought forfeiture of both.


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