Angi Stalnaker: 10 facts of life millennials need to learn TODAY

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Last month, tens of thousands of people shared a Linked-In posting from a 20-something woman who pontificated about all of the reasons that millennials are justified in being subpar employees. In case you missed the viral posting, it is all the fault of the employers of this country who do not challenge or appreciate young people enough. Today, legitimate news agencies are reporting that a roving band of millennials is demanding a free education and a host of other things that they believe they are entitled to because they are, well, millennials.

Watching this generation of young people is confusing for me because, I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. So, here is my small attempt to educate this generation of up and coming self-important future leaders about the facts of life:

  1. Life is not fair.
  2. Nobody owes you anything.
  3. If you have time to protest then you have time to go get a part-time job and help pay your own bills.
  4. Check the help wanted ads before you pick a major. I think you will find that there are no jobs for experts in half of the crap you are all majoring in.
  5. See #4 and then do not be shocked when you can’t get a job when you graduate.
  6. College is not jail. If you are not satisfied with the college that you CHOSE to attend, then drop out or transfer to another college. Nobody is holding you hostage.
  7. Nothing is free and if you ever grow up and get a job, you will pay taxes and you will quickly realize how ridiculous your current behavior is.
  8. When/if you do get a job, it is not your employer’s job to make you happy or to make you feel appreciated or validated. Your paycheck should be appreciation enough.
  9.  Being bratty after the age of 5 is not cute and it is not acceptable. If you act like a 5 year old, expect to be treated like a 5 year old.
  10. There is real suffering in this world and very little of that suffering is experienced by upper middle class students at a major university. If you really need to be outraged, be outraged about the number of innocent babies who are being aborted each year or the number of children who are being beaten or neglected or the vast amount of elderly people who do not have heat in their homes this winter. Feel outraged about the innocent people who are being beheaded by terrorists. There is plenty of real stuff in the world to be outraged about so there is no need to fake it over something so ridiculous.

I don’t expect a single subscriber to the millennial mentality to suddenly change their mindset due to the words I have written. I do, however, hope that a few millennial generation parents get fed up with the behavior of their bratty offspring soon and take whatever measure is necessary to put the kibosh on this craziness. I am not one to advocate violence but where is this mama right now because, we, as a nation, need her to straighten out a few thousand out of control kids.

Angi Stalnaker is an Alabama native who, as a political consultant, has worked on numerous statewide, legislative and constitutional amendment races for conservative causes and candidates. For more information about her visit Virtus Solutions


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