Mo Brooks likens Barack Obama’s ISIS policy to poking a rattlesnake

Mo Brooks

Republican U.S. Rep. Mo Brooks (AL-05) isn’t sugar-coating his opinions of President Barack Obama‘s foreign policy plans these days, invoking lessons he’s learned growing up in the South.

“The problem with the President’s policy is akin to a person who likes to poke a rattlesnake in the eye with a finger,” Brooks explained. “Sooner or later you’re gonna get bit.”

“Long ago, we Southerners learn that either kill that snake or you stay away from it. You don’t play with it. And the President needs to learn that message real quick before more lives are lost.”

Brooks is the latest congressional Republican expressing outrage over the President’s plans to admit 10,000 refugees from the Syrian civil war next year, worrying it will allow the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) to gain a foothold on American soil.

The Alabama lawmaker on Thursday hammered Obama’s foreign policy while talking to Alabama Today, saying it reminded him of a old TV show featuring fictional, incompetent policemen.

“It reminds me of the old Keystone Cops show, which is somewhat humorous,” Brooks recalled the show from the early 20th century. “The distinction is this version of the White House Keystone Cops is potentially deadly for Americans.”

The debate over the refugees has reached fever-pitch in the wake of last Friday’s Paris terrorist attacks, following reports from the French city the one of the Islamic attackers involved entered Europe as part of the wave of Syrians fleeing civil war.

“It’s quite clear that Barack Obama and the White House have absolutely no idea how to confront the Islamic State Junior Varsity team, as Barack Obama likes to call them,” Brooks continued. “And that incompetence and ineptitude in the White House is risking American lives and has already cost untold thousands of lives around the planet.”

House Republicans are expected to vote on a bill Thursday — the America SAFE Act — that would halt the refugee resettlement program until the administration can provide assurances that none of the refugees admitted pose a security risk to the U.S.

“If I were to sum up Barack Obama’s position on the Syrian refugees, the word that comes to mind is masochism,” Brooks retorted. “But that’s not really fair to masochists because they only injure themselves. Barack Obama is surrounded by Secret Service, he’s protected. He’s not putting himself at risk, he’s putting Americans at risk.”


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