Vote to repeal Clean Power Plan likely coming Tuesday

Jeff Sessions
U.S. Sen. Jeff Sessions

The GOP-led U.S. Senate will reportedly vote to repeal the Obama administration’s Clean Power Plan in the coming days, perhaps as early as Tuesday evening.

Discontent with the carbon-reduction plan has been simmering among conservatives in both the House and Senate, with business and industry groups as well as some unions saying the plan will hurt many local economies and increase energy rates.

The Senate’s Republican Policy Committee has issued a statement saying that when it comes to waiting for the Obama administration to change its tune — following his recent rejection of the Keystone XL pipeline — enough is enough.

“After seven years of review that yielded five favorable environmental reports, the administration rejected the Keystone XL pipeline – and all of its economic, energy security, and environmental benefits – for no reason other than to send a message to other countries that President Obama is a global “leader” on climate change.

“The CO2 rules for new and existing power plants are no different. Their most immediate purpose is to serve as a message that President Obama can tout as he seeks to win the approval of his international peers as a global “leader” on climate issues.”

A total of 27 states have filed lawsuits against the rule governing existing power plants, including Alabama.

President Barack Obama has said he would veto such a measure.

A veto override endeavor is unlikely, but the political fight over coal in Washington is likely to be fierce regardless.

See below for an image created by the Republican Senate Policy Committee on likely rate changes should the Clean Power Plan be enacted.