Marine rebuked after performing at Donald Trump rally in Birmingham


A Marine reservist, Cpl. Jason Perkins, has found himself in hot water with his superiors after performing at a Birmingham rally supporting Donald Trump while in uniform.

Perkins, who serves with Combat Logistics Battalion 451 out of Charlotte, North Carolina, sang the “Star Spangled Banner” at a rally for Trump on November 21.

When video of the corporal performing before Trump gave a stump speech began to circulate last month, some members of the armed services noted Perkins was in violation of a long-standing prohibition against overtly political speech while representing the military.

Capt. Andrew Chrestman told a website devoted to military affairs Perkins has been made aware by the Marines his participation in the rally ran afoul of Department of Defense policy.

“(He) has been informed of the appropriate ways to participate in the political process as a member of the Marine Corps,” Chrestman told

The policy bans any political activity while in uniform that would “imply or appear to imply official sponsorship, approval or endorsement” of a candidate for office.

Details of his punishment, if any, have not been released.

Perkins has reportedly appeared at other events in support of Trump’s candidacy for the White House.


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