It’s not Donald Trump I have a problem with. It’s his supporters.

Donald Trump supporters

As did most conservative opinion writers I know, I started what can only be described as a Donald Trump rant this morning. I found myself writing the same things everyone is already saying: his informal style or straight talk is what a lot of people find refreshing about him but at this point can we all just agree — 80% of the time he’s not saying what most American’s are thinking. He’s just loud and obnoxiously ranting until he makes a point that most people do agree with and then he takes that to extremes. And in the process, he continuously makes a mockery of what should be a very serious race and drowns out the serious voices who are offering real solutions.

There’s saying what you mean and communicating unlike most politicians. And then there’s just straight up being offensive.

After stewing on all the ridiculous and over the top things Trump has done, said, tweeted and insinuated this campaign I realized the fact is: Trump is just being himself — an attention seeking, media loving, spotlight seeker. Why would I expect anything different from an professional self promoter and entertainer?

Trump isn’t the problem any more today than he was the day he got in the race. Our bigger problem as a nation, and as a Party, is the people who claim to be conservative yet don’t take issue with his extreme rhetoric that doesn’t represent the values we hold most dear. Those people are who I’m really disappointed in and aggravated with today.

I’ve heard for nearly eight years what damage Barack Obama was doing to international opinion of our nation. If you believe, as I do, that Obama has weakened our standing in the eyes of other leaders and citizens of other nations, but you refuse to see how Trump’s lack of discipline in messaging and policy ideas (if you can even call them that) would be devastating as a follow up President, I’ve got nothing for you but advice to reevaluate your priorities.

I agree with Trump on a lot of things (though not his infringing on religious beliefs) and I’m sure he’d probably be a great guy to have a beer with, but under no circumstances should that man sit in the Oval Office or be taken seriously.

Wake up America. It’s all fun and games until Hillary Clinton wins because we didn’t vet our candidates properly.


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