Robert Bentley: No extra fee for ‘God Bless America’ license plates

Alabama God Bless America License Plate

Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley is ordering the state Department of Revenue to waive the fee for license plates that read “God Bless America.”

Bentley said in a statement Wednesday that drivers who want the plates will continue to be able to request them at no cost.

Bentley says the tag is in a category of special plates that were offered free of cost before a law was passed during the 2015 regular session that established a fee for them.

The governor says that legislation was ambiguous and didn’t specify whether a $50 fee should apply to the “God Bless America” tag.

Bentley says his office is working with the Speaker of House and other lawmakers to clarify the law during the next session.

Full statement from Gov. Bentley:

“Approximately 1.1 million Alabamians have chosen to proudly display their patriotism with the God Bless America license plate,” Governor Robert Bentley said. “At a time when our country is facing so many unprecedented issues, these tags are a reminder of the blessings God has bestowed on our state and nation. After some concerns were raised that the God Bless America tag would cost 50 dollars in January, we reexamined the legislation that passed in the 2015 Regular Session and found it was not clear on whether the additional fees would apply to this tag. Based on those findings, I have ordered that no fee will be charged by the Department of Revenue for the God Bless America tag. Alabamians who want this license plate will be able to choose it at no additional cost as it has previously been offered.”

Republished with permission of The Associated Press.


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