U.S. Senate candidate Jonathan McConnell releases first statewide radio ad

Johnathan McConnell for Senate

Republican candidate and conservative businessman Jonathan McConnell released his first statewide radio ad Thursday as he makes a run to represent Alabama in the U.S. Senate.

In the 1-minute, six-second ad is being emailed and shared with supporters and donors across the state. In it, the former Captain in the United States Marine Corps vows to “keep [America] safe from ISIS terrorists” and will “say no to unchecked Syrian immigrants on American soil.”

McConnell is challenging incumbent Richard Shelby (R-AL) for the GOP nomination in next November’s general election for the Senate seat, claiming Shelby has “abused [his] power for profit, and Alabama has paid the price.”

Listen to the McConnell ad below:

Ad transcript:

ANNOUNCER: Small businessman, Marine, outsider, that’s conservative Republican Jonathan McConnell. Captain Jonathan McConnell led over a hundred Marines in Iraq. Later he founded a security company that protects American ships from pirates and terrorists.

JONATHAN MCCONNELL: Hi, I’m Jonathan McConnell. For over 40 years Senator Shelby and career politicians like him have abused their power for profit, and Alabama has paid the price. While our debt skyrockets politicians continue to put their interests ahead of ours. Enough is enough.

America’s in crisis, but Washington’s career politicians only know how to protect themselves.

As your senator, I’ll focus on protecting you and your family. I’ll work to eliminate the debt, and  illegal immigration, repeal Obamacare, and keep us safe from ISIS terrorists and I’ll say no to unchecked Syrian immigrants on American soil.

I’m Jonathan McConnell. I approve this message because we need leaders who will fight for the people of Alabama, not themselves.

ANNOUNCER: Captain Jonathan McConnell, the tough tested conservative Christian Republican for U.S. Senate. Paid for by Friends of Jonathan McConnell.


  1. This kid should focus a little more on growing up first. Do you even have a girlfriend bro? Or is it boyfriend? Either way, all you do is repeat “Obama agenda” but you have no positions you state. “I’m against whatever Shelby stands for… Even when it means AL loses jobs when NASA can’t launch” How about you wait until you can shave before stroking your ego. Thinking you have a chance.

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