VictoryLand to announce reopening within 2 weeks

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Owner Milton McGregor said Friday he will announce his VictoryLand racetrack and gaming facilities reopening dates within two weeks.

A news release indicated he hopes to begin operations again by Christmas, and expects to hire about 2,000 employees from Macon County and localities surrounding the Shorter, Alabama, facility.

The casino was the subject of a lengthy legal battle after police raided VictoryLand in 2013, seizing $263,105 and 1,615 electronic bingo machines that law state law enforcement said violated anti-gambling laws.

Attorney General Luther Strange brought the case against VictoryLand to court, but was not successful in shutting it down. Courts later ruled the casino may re-open, though it could not keep the seized assets.

In October 2015, Montgomery Circuit Judge William Shashy dismissed the state’s case, saying prosecutors could not target one facility while others remained in business.

The establishment is undergoing renovations and negotiating with vendors in order to return electronic bingo to Shorter, McGregor said.


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