Email insights: Robert Bentley says no to Medicaid expansion in Alabama

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Alabama Governor Robert Bentley has recently announced he will not move forward with a proposal to expand Medicaid and thus Obamacare to Alabama. Bentley’s December decision closes a year-long debate as to whether the Yellowhammer state should expand its Medicaid program.

Just last month, the governor’s appointed Alabama Health Care Improvement Task Force recommended the governor and the Legislature find a way to provide health insurance for Alabamians without coverage saying that expansion could provide coverage to roughly 290,000 Alabamians, including 185,000 who are working.

Monday, Americans for Prosperity – Alabama emailed their supporters the news of the Governor’s decision. Below is the full text of their email:

Good news from Governor Bentley. 

Governor Robert Bentley recently announced that he will NOT go forward with a proposal to expand Medicaid and bring more of ObamaCare to Alabama. This was a plan that was estimated to cost $710 million over the next six years. In the Governor’s own words, “we can’t afford it.”

Plus, take a look at how much other states have already blown their Medicaid budgets! This is a plan that sounds like the kind thing to do, but it’s dragging states down and threatening other important spending like education and roads.

Take a few seconds and thank Governor Bentley for his fiscally responsible decision not to burden Alabama with the cost of further supporting an already-broken Medicaid system.

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Thank you for standing with us on ObamaCare and so much more!
Much lies ahead,
Americans for Prosperity


  1. Weird how a a group of people from Virginia called Americans for Prosperity are recommending poverty for people in Alabama.

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