Becky Gerritson scores endorsement of former Alabama GOP minority outreach

Becky Gerritson and Martha Roby

Wetumpka Tea Party Chair and U.S. House candidate Becky Gerritson got a boost from a strategic state Republican party staffer Monday in her bid to unseat an incumbent congresswoman in Alabama’s 2nd Congressional District.

Former Minority Outreach Director for the Alabama GOP Troy Towns gave Gerritson’s bid his stamp of approval, saying the conservative activist would be a more reliable vote for the Christian right in Washington, D.C.

“I’ve often said that I’m a Christian first, conservative second, and Republican third, and Becky Gerritson is very much a kindred spirit in that regard,” said Towns in a statement. “Becky’s faith defines her and her principles guide her in everything she does. We will never have to wonder about Becky’s motivations in Congress. She will serve her Lord and her constituents. She will stand on principle, and she will be a rock for conservatism.”

“Far too often career politicians put Party or personal ambition, above these principles,” said Towns, not shying from taking a shot at U.S. Rep. Martha Roby, who currently holds the seat. “This has been the obvious case with Rep. Roby. Her voting record speaks for itself. It is time that we have a representative in Washington who is a bold fighter, a leader, and a champion for all people.”

“We need a true conservative, and we have that in Becky Gerritson,” Towns continued.

Gerritson replied in kind to Towns’ gushing endorsement, saying his work to help spread her staunchly conservative message was already taking effect.

“I am so thankful to Troy for all he has done to spread the message of conservatism to people across Alabama, and I am so glad that he has thrown his support behind my grassroots campaign” said Gerritson. “Too often our Party has lost its way when it comes to standing on principle. Too often, we are associated with being the Party of the rich, the powerful, the connected, and the few.

Gerritson was also forthright about whom she blamed for those negative associations.

“As I travel the district, voters are wary of this direction that failed politicians like John Boehner, Eric Cantor and Martha Roby have led us down. Troy is a true ambassador for what it means to be a conservative and for carrying a message of shared values to all who will hear,” concluded Gerritson.

Both Towns and Gerritson have ties to the 2016 White House campaign of Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, who strikes similarly conservative and parochial views in Congress.

Cruz named Towns to his state leadership team in October, where he joined Gerritson who was tapped in August. Gerritson also formally endorsed Cruz around the same time.

Gerritson recently took to social media to note Roby’s relatively low scores for a southern Republican from conservative groups like Heritage ActionAmerican Conservative Union, and Club for Growth, who rated Roby’s voting record lower than any other GOP member of the Alabama delegation.

Roby, for her part, recently scored the endorsements of 36 local mayors, as well as the Alabama Patriots Tea Party, one of the oldest tea party groups in the state, and the Alabama Farmers Federation.


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