William Bell orders warrant for Marcus Lundy’s arrest withdrawn

Mayor William Bell and Councilman Marcus Lundy

In a new development in the so-called “Brawl at City Hall” covered by news outlets around the nation, Councilman Marcus Lundy is no longer on the lam, according to information first obtained by Alabama Today.

Mayor William Bell has asked Birmingham Police to withdraw a warrant from Lundy’s arrest, a day after Lundy attacked the mayor after forcibly restraining him from leaving a room just off the City Council chambers, according to a police report.

“Having been informed by the complainant that he desires the warrant to be, withdrawn it is hereby removed from active status immediately,” the order simply reads.

“We are concerned about the overall good of the city and keeping up the positive momentum that we have seen over the past sever years. With that in mind, I have withdrawn my complaint,” explained Bell late Wednesday evening.

Lundy had been charged with third-degree assault.

The fight reportedly started after Lundy’s use of a city-owned car was revoked by the City.

Lundy also charged Bell may have called Lundy’s employer, Regions Bank, and demanded his dismissal. Bell denies doing so.


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