Robert Bentley comes out in support of Jeff Sessions, Richard Shelby’s Omnibus votes

Robert Bentley Jeff Sessions Richard Shelby

In advance of Friday’s impending vote on the Congressional Omnibus appropriations bill, Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley issued a statement regarding Alabama Sens. Jeff Sessions and Richard Shelby‘s intentions to vote against the legislation.

“As Alabama’s Governor, I have called into question the Obama Administration’s flawed refugee resettlement program and the dangerous refugee vetting process aimed at excluding states,” said Governor Bentley in a news release. “For over a month, I have asked for, and have yet to receive any answers or viable solutions from the Obama Administration.

“I commend Alabama Senator Richard Shelby and Senator Jeff Sessions on their intention today to vote no on the omnibus spending bill. That bill does not block the Obama Administration’s Syrian refugee resettlement program and further allows the President to keep states in the dark when it comes to knowing who is being admitted into our country and into our state. A majority of this nation’s governors are in agreement that the refugee vetting process, as it stands now, is unacceptable.”

In November, Bentley sent a letter to White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough and another federal official with the U.S. Department of State requesting reports on the refugee reception program in Alabama and failed to receive a response.

Joined this month by several other primarily Republican governors, Bentley declared his intent to refuse any incoming refugees should the federal government plan to relocate them within their respective states’ borders.

“While the omnibus bill contains provisions which are important to Alabama, nothing is more important that protecting our citizens,” Bentley said. “As Governor of Alabama I will do everything I possibly can to protect the people of this state. I commend Senator Shelby and Senator Sessions for standing against the Obama Administration’s unwillingness to solve or address this pressing issue.”


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