Ted Cruz super PAC takes swipe at Marco Rubio in new digital ad


A new digital spot produced by the super PAC supporting Ted Cruz hits airwaves this week, taking a gentle swipe at rival Marco Rubio, with whom the Texas senator has been battling over national security and immigration.

As reported by Katie Glueck of POLITICO, “Trust” is a 60-second ad from Keep the Promise I and the Keep the Promise PAC. The digital ads are part of six-figure media buys running in four early primary states, as well as Alabama, Georgia and Mississippi, where Cruz recently finished a campaign swing.

The ad uses clips from recent debate performances, with Cruz saying he is someone “who at has actually stood up not just the Democrats, but to leaders in our own party.” As he speaks, the ad shows images of both Rubio and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

Also shown in the ad are voter testimonials with comments such as, “He’s not afraid to say the honest truth, even from the Senate floor, even if it’s unpopular,” and “he has been consistent on every issue.”

Glueck writes that “Trust” comes at a time when Rubio’s campaign is hitting Cruz hard on questions of consistency in his opposition to immigration reform.

“Trust” will appear on both Facebook and YouTube and is expected to run through the end of the year.



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