Alabama-based PAC celebrates productive 2015

The Capitol Dome is seen on Capitol Hill in Washington July 28, 2011. (AP)

The conservative non-profit Take Back Our Republic and its new political action committee Take Back Action Fund are basking in the Holiday glow of a fruitful 2015, Take Back’s Executive Director John Prudner wrote in an email to supporters Monday.

The Auburn-based group boasted cited positive media coverage in outlets to from POLITICO and The New York Times to Al-Jazeera in 2015, as well as positive fundraising amid the founding of the Take Back Action Fund, a new 501(c)(4) SuperPAC dedicated to promoting the group’s mission of campaign finance reform and conservative governance.

Prudner, who is also president of the Take Back Action Fund, also heralded the group’s success in promoting a report it produced on the political spending of nonprofit groups, particularly Planned Parenthood.

Conservative site Breitbart, for instance, carried a story detailing the report, which highlighted data showing local Planned Parenthood groups exceeding the legal 50 percent limit on spending to influence elections in some cases, as well as a high volume of political spending in general by the nonprofit.

The group also celebrated a recent December fundraising drive that garnered $37,811 in “small” donations that were matched by a larger donor and the inception of the new Take Back political committee.

The campaign finance reform organization was founded in January by Prudner, who ran the campaign of Virginia U.S. Rep. David Brat, who successfully ousted former Majority Leader Eric Cantor by running to his right during the 2014 midterm elections.


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