On Jeb Bush and bare loins in art


FloridaPolitics.com and Context Florida contributor Florence Snyder adds a “funny Jeb” anecdote in light of The New York Times story on Bush’s dry sense of humor.

“As his campaign has struggled to rejuvenate a languishing bid, some close to him have suggested the existence of a (very) secret weapon: It is at least possible that Jeb Bush is funny,” Matt Flegenheimer writes.

“He is a candidate so dry that flights of wit can become indistinguishable from a sober default setting,” Flegenheimer adds. ” ‘Irony doesn’t work,’ he said last month aboard his bus in New Hampshire, ‘in the world of digitized campaigning.’ “

In a Monday email, Snyder writes, “I cast my vote with those who say he has one.”

She recalls attending a 1996 Nelson Poynter Award Dinner, given by the American Civil Liberties Union of Florida. Bush was also in attendance.

“That was the year the ACLU went to bat for a kid at (Fort Lauderdale’s) Dillard High who was not allowed to exhibit her 8-foot-tall statue of a naked man – with a (male body part) befitting an 8-foot-tall man,” Snyder writes.

“I nearly fainted when I saw the programs at the table: The statue was on the cover,” she says. “Jeb was unfazed; he did not miss a beat.”

” ‘… So that’s what liberals look like,’ he said.”


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