Financier Hank Greenberg gives pro-Jeb Bush super PAC $10 million boost


Facing single-digit polling numbers and a lack of momentum compared to other establishment rivals, Jeb Bush is succeeding on one front, by way of a major figure from the financial sector.

As reported Thursday in The Wall Street Journal, former AIG CEO Maurice “Hank” Greenberg has given $10 million to the pro-Bush super PAC “Right to Rise Super USA.”

In an interview with the WSJ, Greenberg would not elaborate, but did not deny making the contribution.

But despite Right to Rise’s massive spending on ad buys — as much as $47 million — Bush’s numbers have done little but melt since announcing his candidacy. Consistent advertising from “Right to Rise USA” has done little to build the momentum necessary to stand out in a crowded GOP field dominated by Donald Trump, who seems to be a media magnet.

Greenburg’s donation could not have arrived at a better time for Bush, writes the Journal’s Beth ReinhardThe boost comes in the weeks before high-stakes Iowa caucuses and the New Hampshire primary, where Bush and his supporters need support more than ever, if there is any hope of making headway with primary voters and move away from his recent struggles.


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