U.S. Senate hopeful Jonathan McConnell releases first TV ad

Jonathan McConnell TV ad

Election 2016 is in full-swing in the Yellowhammer State and U.S. Senate hopeful, Republican Jonathan McConnell released his first TV ad of the season Tuesday morning.

The ad, which will air on both broadcast and cable networks statewide, emphasizes what McConnell says are the core differences between himself and his opponent, five-term incumbent U.S. Sen. Richard Shelby.

“Washington politicians have failed to lead, leaving significant security risks both domestically and internationally,”  McConnell said. “The rise of ISIS, the tragedies in Benghazi, and the spread of radical Islam can be attributed to the failures of career-minded politicians like Richard Shelby.”

The commercial hits the airwaves in the wake of a fundraising uptick following two major endorsements from Special Operations Speaks and Citizens United just last week.

“After the last 37 years of Shelby’s politics as usual, the people of Alabama are ready to be represented by a principled conservative,” McConnell said. “The culture of politics in Washington has failed us and left America unsafe. .. It’s time to send in a Marine.”

Watch the ad below:


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