Robert Bentley not seeking tax increases; budget cuts anticipated

Robert Bentley, Bill Haslam, Special session

Gov. Robert Bentley won’t propose tax increases in the upcoming legislative session that could see more funding cuts to state agencies.

The governor said Thursday that his proposed general fund budget will not include tax increases.

Bentley’s decision comes after nearly a full year of fighting with lawmakers over taxes. Bentley last year asked lawmakers to approve $541 million in tax increases to avoid budget cuts.

Legislators approved a cigarette tax but rejected many of his other ideas.

Budget chairmen say they also doubt lawmakers will approve any tax increases.

House budget chairman Steve Clouse of Ozark said lawmakers will try to address critical needs in Medicaid and prisons. He says other agencies will likely face cuts.

Legislators spent this week in budget hearings. The session begins Feb. 2.

Republished with permission of the Associated Press.


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