New Jeb Bush Super PAC ad goes after Donald Trump


The fact that Jeb Bush‘s most prominent super PAC, Right to Rise, has spent over $20 million in takedown ads against fellow Floridian Marco Rubio has become an ongoing story in recent weeks.

“This is something Jeb Bush has to decide. Does he want his legacy to be that he elected Donald Trump or Ted Cruz?” said Stuart Stevens, the GOP strategist who ran Mitt Romney’s 2012 campaign. “He can’t control that super PAC but he ought to call on the super PAC to stop and stop attacking people with whom he mostly agrees.”

Right to Rise, however, isn’t the only third-party group working on behalf of the former Florida Governor.

A new digital ad produced by Millennials Rising PAC released on Friday contrasts Donald Trump with Bush, showing the GOP front-runner in some less than attractive moments.

The super PAC, created by college students, says they’re the only such group aiming directly at millennial voters.

Watch the ad below:


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