Attorney General reviews reports of gun law violations by cities

Luther Strange

Alabama Attorney General Luther Strange announced the results of three investigations into alleged violations of state gun laws by three municipalities on Wednesday.

Strange found city-owned facilities in Daleville, Vestavia Hills and Decatur illegally banned the possession of firearms, contrary to a state statute governing the carrying of guns in public places.

The attorney general’s office received a complaint that the city of Vestavia prohibited firearms at half a dozen public parks and recreational sites. Strange met with the city attorney and advised them to remove signs in front of the facilities that advised residents they could not possess a firearm there.

After the removal and assurances residents’ rights to carry would not be abridged, no further action was deemed necessary by Strange. Similar steps were taken at the Daleville Cultural and Convention Center and a Decatur Utilities office.

In each case, complaints were brought by private residents under a state law enforcement process which triggers a review from the attorney general.


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